A Letter to Future

This is my letter to you from me.


Dear Future

Who grasps the unknown within her clutch like cage

Like a bottomless cage

Far from human touch

Yet available to fondle with

By your seductress-like fingers

For the sake of leaving a sense of unwanted mystery

Like the shrewd murderer to the oblivious victim

Or the invisible predator to the docile fawn

Seduce me with your mystique

Like a stealth widowmaker

Soon you will realize that your charm will not work on me

For I am no longer attracted by your pheromone

I yearn no longer to undress your layers and veils

I lust no longer to know when my swift death approaches

In fact I welcome it

As soon you will realize that I am no longer your marionette

I long no longer to see the next occasion when spring again breaks

I long no longer to tread on your paths of petals

I long no longer to burden with the burdens of a new youth

I long no longer to prune as you drain away my drops of youth

I long no longer to seek for the period

For the period is approaching

Still unknown

Withheld by you

Yet I no longer care

For I will draw my period

Whenever I want

And you will have no control

Of my mind

My body

Nor my soul

As I let it flutter

Flicker and flash

Fly and flow

For I am in control

And you are nothing without me

This is my letter

To you

From me.

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