Confession of a Piscean

love is our mortal enemy and it kills us.


I am a Piscean and I have a confession to make: let love be out of reach of all

Let love be out of reach of all Pisceans, because love is our mortal enemy and it kills us.

Pisceans are people who are born under the Pisces horoscope, a collective who are regarded to more spiritual advanced than others. This is all thanks to a particular trait that most of us possess, absorbing others’ emotions. 

We are Pisceans because we feel more than other people do. We glide through the currents of humanity freely and effortlessly, weaving through the communities in the tank of azure we call society. Though our swimming patterns are generally swift and nimble, other people’s troubles and worries attract us like parrotfish to corals. We gently approach the wounded beings and rest our heads on their laps like submissive mermaids and quietly listen as they spill out their tensions until they are energized again. Due to this feature, we are known for being astounding companions. We are loyal, emotional, and kind.

But there are people who abuse our feature. There are the hunters who hunt us to make them their personal dumpster. They generally search for us whenever they need us, then dump all of their toxicity on us and let us struggle within it. When they are rejuvenated, they disappear and left us for dead. Where were they when we were the ones that needed help? Yet the more toxic they become, they more needed we felt, the longer we stay, the more abused we become.

Then, there are the breeders who breed and capture us just so that they could control us. They nurse us since we were tiny larvae and bond with us, fed us with all their love so that we become attached to them. The older we grow, the colder they grow. The more we long to be able to swim freely, the tighter they hold on to us. They cut off our fins and tie up our tails so that our movements are further restricted. Now that they have stripped us of our ability to swim, they threaten to throw us away and disown us. Without any other choice, we had to live in submission. We were occasionally awarded if put on a good show; we were lashed if we showed signs of any longing for freedom. In order to keep us in their nicely adorned aquarium, they sporadically let loose both physical and psychological toxicity to increase our susceptibility. If we were to cry for help, would anyone hear us? Yet the more we are exposed to this environment, the more susceptible to pain we are, the more we try to turn their toxicity into love, the more trapped we are.

Finally, there are the hooks who lure us with various methods. They carelessly shower hurt and wounded Pisceans with attention, making them feel special. As Pisceans absorb these positive emotions, they amplify it and are hooked onto it. It is truly then when a free-swimming Piscean becomes attached and immobile. No matter how strong a Piscean normally is, the hook could easily disarm a Piscean’s self-defense with just a little bit of attention. However, what the hook does with an attached Piscean is what ultimately kills. If the hook pulls upwards, the Piscean is then taken away from the water. The Piscean then once again becomes incapacitated, and could only resort to submission, and ultimately make the hook’s abuse of such submission relatively easy. If the hook remains static, the Piscean will soon regain their senses and start to realize their innocence and stupidity. In order to escape, the Piscean will have to forcefully remove themselves from the hook even if it hurts them. As the wounded Piscean leaves the hook, they will feel as beaten down, if not more, as they were before they met the hook. Then could the Piscean avoid the hooks? Barely. Since Pisceans are too capable of absorbing others’ emotions, they are irresistibly attracted to the hooks’ minor attentions and engage in naive fantasies that will soon amplify into bigger expectations, which will lead to larger disappointments. The more attracted they are, the closer they approach the hooks, the more attached they are, the more they amplify minor details, the more incapacitated they become, they bigger the expectations, the bigger the disappointment, the more hurt they become.

Therefore, I say to you. The only way to save such Pisceans is to keep them away from love: love of friends, love of family, love of charmers. Let Pisceans roam free, free of love. That is the only way for Pisceans to search for what they truly seek…


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