Spring Day – And Then There Were Four 16/3

Instead of making us fear to go on trips together, this trip made us look forward to our next one.


Last day, bye apartment, bye DC… Well, not just yet. We did leave our lovely little apartment and returned the keys to the owner, but our trip was not about to end just yet.

We went to Virginia for some cheeky little Dim Sum brunch and walked towards the bridge connecting Virginia to Georgetown. (really wanted to cross the bridge, but it was just too cold) Then we went to visit the Captiol Hill.


To our surprise, there were not a lot of people outside the Capitol Hill. Most of the visitors were Chinese, Japanese and Korean tourists, occasionally some white elderly ladies. We had the perfect view and angle to take pictures, so we took a couple and left. We had one more destination that we had to visit before leaving DC.


UNION MARKET IS BACK IN BUSINESS!!!! We finally got to try the various wonders of Union Market. We tried the smoked salmon sandwich from one vendor, the salmon poke bowl from another, Indian crepe with curry potatoes from one, garlic and rosemary fries from another… Let us the say that we had high hopes and we were not disappointed. This last stop became the highlight of our trip and the end of our trip. We bought ourselves a cup of drink and hopped in the car and started our journey back.

Most people say that going on trips tests the durability of a group’s friendships. Though a lot of things didn’t go as planned, but we managed to see the silver lining in all things. We were not very picky about a lot of things and managed to endure a lot of the hardships together. Instead of making us fear to go on trips together, this trip made us look forward to our next one. Washington DC was not the highlight of our trip, our time and jokes shared were. I just can not wait to see where and we could go on our next trip.

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