Spring Day – Still Three-zing 15/3

It looked a lot tinier than I have imagined.


Ah… Windchimes… How I adore thee… How I adore thou creep as heck clingings, and scary as hell clangings… Ah… Anyways, day three~ This is going to be a wonderful day. We were off to a good start and ready to resume sightseeing!

Coffee… Tickets… Train rides… Walking… More walking.. Yadda Yadda…

Fast forward… Great, we are here! The sightseeing center of Washington DC! This!


Dirty, muddy, icy roads… yay… This must be what everyone came to Washington DC to see, right? And I kid you not, this scenery was accompanied by strong gusts of wind, even the weather app had to tune down around 10 degrees on the “feels like” temperature. Were it not for one of my friends holding my down, no joke, the wind could totally carry me away like a dandelion. So walking around the square was out of the question, so where next? Lincoln Memorial. Great, can we walk there? No. Awesome, let us take the bus.

Fast forward…

Here we are, with the OG: Abraham Lincoln.


Seen this statue on television and movies, but seeing this in person is a completely different thing. It looked a lot tinier than I have imagined. But it is okay, not size-shaming him, he can be how big or small he likes as long as he is comfortable with it. Not judging. We then moved on to another round of “Can you take some cute pictures of us as a couple?” time. (btw, Crystal is on the right and her boyfriend Masa is on the left, and Vincent and I are in the middle functioning as the third and fourth wheel. yay.)

Next stop, lunch.

Crystal researched on this place where a lot of presidents liked to visit, so we decided to see what the big deal was ourselves. After a brisk walk which was yet again made long by the wind, we arrived at our destination. We were guided to our seat by a waiter and started to order our food.


I went for a cheeky jalapenos burger with sauteed mushrooms and it was everything that I need and more. The fries were the MVP here, to be honest. But what goes best with a good burger you ask? Well, that would have to be…


CUPCAKES! Having run out of places to go, we decided to go to Georgetown to meet up with my friend Daniel. But since Daniel had classes until 6 pm, we made a stop at the renowned Georgetown Cupcakes and bought ourselves a selection of cupcakes to savor in a Starbuck shop. With a little spare time in our hands, we decided to go to an escape room to have some fun.


Here lies the 45 mins escape room designed for eight, completed by four with 17 mins to spare. I mean, we’re Asians, we’re supposed to be good at these things. The funniest thing was that we did most of the clues in the room in the wrong order. And whenever we activate something and opened the door, nobody in the room seemed to have realized it and nobody in the room seemed to have the decency to check whether the doors were opened or not. So most of our time were spent in the room figuring whether we have done something wrong when the door was wide open in the first place. I mean… We are Asians, do not expect that we are good at everything…

Afterward, we went to the Insidious filming site and took some photos. We tried doing multiple pictures with different themes. This one, I think, is the theme “Only rookies look towards the camera”.


We then met up with Daniel for some Thai food, which was by far the best cuisine that we had in the entirety of our trip so far. We shared some laughs, talking about Georgetown life, New Jersey life, New York life (not the insurance company), an overly attached mutual friend that has been forcing us to meet, and so much more. The night was cut short when Daniel had to leave to attend to some matters. We let him take his leave when he promised that he will eventually find time to come and visit New York.

We took a Lyft and returned to our apartment. We played some poker, told some mystery stories, and the night ended with a little more cheesy soap opera, packing up and a more laughter. Crystal and I chillaxed in the living room, while the guys desperately tried to remove the snow, which has now turned into ice, on the car. Feels good to be treated like royalty.

I had enough of the windchimes, so I moved into another room to sleep.

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