Spring Day – Two Cold to Function 14/3

Although things didn’t go as planned, we still managed to find the silver lining in the situation.


This first night of sleep has always been the toughest for trips like these, but this was on another level.

One would expect snow to slowly creep in, gently flutter as it touches the ground like a snow-white fleece. But no! Since I was sleeping next to the window ceil, I get to listen to the cascade of snowfall gushing down, slamming onto the front porch, creating this massive percussions solo recital. Not to mention the windchimes next door clanged gleefully as it mocked our sleeplessness.

So it was not a surprise to us to see that our street was covered in snow. And the cherry blossoms that we came to see were also frozen into ice popsicles. So much for coming to see Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festivation 2K17. Oh well… 

Before proceeding any further, we stopped by Starbucks to get a cup of hot chocolate and me a hot caramel macchiato, as usual. Without trusty grandes in our hands, we descended into the subway station and proceeded to the Natural Museum of Natural History.

The museum was visually stimulating, housing a large collection of animal taxidermy. Instead of reading through the various info-boards, I embarked on a mission to take picture of these animal taxidermies, put them on Snapchat, and add funny captions to it. So, that basically sums up our visit to the museum.

Our next stop was the Union Market. According to Crystal, the foodie of our group and the beloved girlfriend of our designated driver, Union Market is a revamped market where a lot of small food vendors gather and sell their products. After much difficulty locating the market itself, our heart sank when we entered through the front doors.


Due to the snowstorm in the previous night, most of the vendors closed down their stalls; only a few shops were open and available. Without another choice, we decided to leave Union Market and move on to our next stop. Dinner.

Well… not really… After a long walk down windy and freezing streets, we soon arrived our destination: a Japanese ramen restaurant. The restaurant itself was hard enough to locate since it was located on top of a pub. When we arrived, the shop was already packed with people and the periodic wafts of aromas did not help our situation. We were told that the shop was full and the next table would be available in 45 minutes. Unable to wait that long, we left the restaurant, filled with disappointment.


Although we did not get to try the ramen place, nor did things go as planned, we managed to find the silver lining in the situation. We stopped by a random shop and had a little bit of food, just to calm our hunger. Then we took an Uber to our neighborhood Popeyes and bought a box of fried chicken to our apartment. We enjoyed a night of Mahjong, accompanied by laughter and cheesy Hong Kong soap operas, and crossed our fingers for things to go as planned for tomorrow.


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