Spring Day – (One)s Upon a Time 13/3

Operation spring day commence! Waking up at ten in the morning is especially difficult when you were packing up till 2 am with a cold.  Despite feeling extremely ill the night before, my cold seemed to have subsided when I woke up. Maybe it was the ginger lemon cola that my mom made me drink last night or a good night rest. Anyhow, the cold does not seem to have bothered me. Ha!

The drive was a three-hour carpool karaoke trip down memory lane, with a short stop at one service stop for some good old Burger King. Though the trip was long, it seemed a lot shorter than expected. We finally arrived at Washington DC in one piece.

The apartment that we stayed at was a cute little flat with a master’s bedroom and two sofa beds. Though it might seem small at first sight, it turned out to be plenty of room for four people to move around. We settled down, unpacked our belongings from our luggage, and headed out.

Though the weather was cold, we were able to manage by just wearing a single jacket. The neighborhood was also cute and small. It seemed that the population is mainly composed of African American residents. A subway station sits delicately on the junction of a Dunkin Donut and Starbucks. We then took the subway and traveled to Chinatown.


Chinatown was a joke. I have heard that Chinatown in Washington DC was a flop, but I did not believe it to its full extent, and I now know that I was wrong. Though the decoration and pandemonium screams Chinatown, the food yells otherwise. A few blocks down, the shops disintegrate into luxury brand stores. Even the Chinese food sucks in Chinatown. We stopped by a decent looking Chinese restaurant for a quick snack, just to realize how weird everything tasted. After we hurried to pay our bills, we wandered into the Deli next door for a cup of Bubble Milk Tea, which does not taste like what it was sold as. Long story short, Chinatown, Washington DC, sucked.


The rest of the day went swimmingly. We went to the Union Station, which was a nicely decorated market-esque plaza. Had two cups of gelato, which was awesome. (well, other than the Vanilla Chocolate Chip that someone boring order =.=) And went for some Thai food, which was, again, nice.


When we finished our meals, I tried to reach for the bill to see how much everyone had to pay. But the bill was snatched from my hands. When I asked why they did that, they said that I did not have to pay them. When I tried to protest, I was reminded that today was my birthday. It was a nice gesture, so I let them pay for the meal.

Day one seemed to be a mixture of good and bad moments. I guess we will have to see what DC has in store for us when we start to delve into the main parts of DC in the next couple of days.

Oh! And, Happy Birthday to me 🙂


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