Spring Day – Sub Zero 10/3-12/3

Sub Zero denotes two different meanings: the freezing weather and the prequel to our spring break trip, our fellowship camp in Poconos, Pennsylvania.


After a whole week of stressful assignment submission and mid-term preparation, spring break is upon us. Though us Hongkongers associate spring with things like flowers, rainfall, and vibrant colors, this spring break we are welcomed with wave after wave of snowstorms. We might as well call this winter break because this weather is literally worse that what we have experienced in December.

Sub Zero denotes two different meanings: the freezing weather and the prequel to our spring break trip, our fellowship camp in Poconos, Pennsylvania. This is a camp that we have been planning for a month or so. Since I was recently appointed to be the Outreach coworker in our fellowship despite only being in the fellowship for one year, I was heavily involved in the planning and leading of this camp.

In the planning stages, we were impacted by multiple problems: only four out of the seven coworkers are able to attend the camp, the cost of the campsites are mostly too expensive, planning stages clashing with our midterm preparation, just to name a few. Though we faced a lot of difficulties, the camp went off smoothly.

One of the most memorable things that happened in the camp happened during our last night’s stay in the campsite. The boys wanted to try the hot tub since day one, but the weather has been too cold, and it has been snowing continuously. However, on the last day, the snow subdued and the boys were eager to test out the hot tub. Since I was not a big fan of taking my shirt off, nor am I particularly interested in being irrational and submerge myself in water in the cold, I stayed in and tried to finish a paper that I was tasked to submit by midnight.

As I was typing my essay, the boys went out and jumped into the tub and I thought that was it. Yet, curious fellowship members went out to witness the madness and came back with the same message: “hey, they were asking for you”. I was curious as to what they were asking for me for, but I ignored their plea and focused on my work, assuming that by the time that I finish, they would have been bored and left the tub.

Before the clock struck midnight, I submitted my paper and the last awake fellowship member returned from the tub and sent me the same message: “hey they boys were asking for you again, they said if you’re not getting in, they’re not getting out.” I was kind of frustrated, to be honest. I thought I articulated my disinterest, yet the boys seemed to not be showing any signs of surrender. So I decided to hear them out.

After a whole five minutes of debate, I was reluctantly persuaded to join them in the hot tub, under the condition that I could keep my shirt on. As I joined them, I was immediately surprised by how comfortable the tub was and was really satisfied. Suddenly I felt a sense of belonging, I felt like I was part of the guys. It was not a familiar feeling for me since I was often associated with feminine qualities. I was glad that I did not have to be the rational one and I could indeed relax and be irrational with them.

When I said that I wanted to get out of the pool, the three of the immediately got out of the tub, soaked and dripping, and brought my towel and hoodie to me. They carefully wrapped the towel around me to keep me warm. I felt nice to be spoilt. It also felt nice to be the weak one amongst the boys. It felt nice to not have to put up a serious face and pretend to be strong in order to blend in. It felt nice to belong.

Well, what was the ending of the story? There is a reason why rationality exists.

I caught a cold.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


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