Fort Lee Historical Park

The view’s different on New Jersey’s side.


Along the Henry Hudson Drive, just 15 minutes away from Mitsuwa Marketplace, is the Fort Lee Historic Park. The park is by far the best spot to enjoy a full view of the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey’s side.

Though most might know the park for its shrubbery environment, which is the main section of the park, down the path on the right of the fork leads to one of the best spots of sightseeing. On a normal day, the harbor park is quiet and deserted. However, on the day that we visited the park, there were a couple of cars driving around the park’s parking lot, which spoiled the atmosphere somewhat.

Most might be familiar with the view on New York’s side, an antiquated bridge leading into a rural jungle; the view is definitely different on New Jersey’s side. The George Washington bridge seemingly integrated with the city, forming a strong bond between suburban and modern. This transforms the bridge into a symbol of modernization.

Though New Jersey is nothing close to being suburban, there are still a lot of different sights that are worth seeing. Even a single simple bridge like the George Washington Bridge has two very distinct views. It all depends on your perspective, and how to choose to see it.

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