Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace is one of the biggest Japanese marketplaces in New Jersey, renowned for its large variety of bento (already-made takeout meals), assorted dry goods, sundry Japanese cosmetics, and last but not least, authentic Japanese food court.

The food court is constantly booming with customers. Diversity is surely a common trait amongst the customers. Mitsuwa Marketplace’s food court easily became a common favourite amongst Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and American, just to name a few, alike. Serving Japanese food from Sashimi Bento and Cutlet Shrimp to Pork Ramen, the food court prides itself for its high authenticity. The only downside to this food court is the fact that it only accepts cash. So if anyone is interested in going there, be sure to bring enough cash. 


The above combo is the half and half combo that I ordered in the Cutlet shop. It consists of a bowl of rice served with two cutlet shrimps, cutlet assorted vegetables and seaweed, and a cutlet soft-boiled egg, and a single serving of cold buckwheat noodles. It is priced at around 9 dollars including taxes, which is a great deal in terms of portion size and authenticity.

img_2592Another must-try in the food court is the soft-served ice cream waffle bowl. This ice cream bowl is purchased from the Match shop adjacent to the Cutlet shop. Normally they served around 6 flavours with a seasonal special, but on the day that we visited, they just so happen to only have three flavours left. As shown in the photo above, the three flavours that we chose were black sesame (grey), Matcha (green), and roasted Matcha (white). The flavour that stood out the most was the black sesame, as it has a deeply rich black sesame flavour. The flavour that took us by surprise was the roasted Match flavour. Though it was not one of our initial choices, the roasted Match flavour easily became our favourite flavour, as it is not too sweet, and has undertones of the smokey matcha flavour. However, I do suggest tasting the roasted Match flavour first before tasting the black sesame one, as the rich black sesame flavour might overshadow the other two flavours.

Highly recommend anyone who is interested in Japanese food to visit this marketplace.


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