Final Destination: Destination Continuous

Is that question rhetorical or are you really trying to find an answer? Or do you dare to know the answer?


Life is a journey. This is what we have been told since we were young. The only thing that we have not been told was that we were forcefully thrown onto this merciless journey.

So I say to you, life is like a series of train rides. You have all these destinations that you want to get to. So you get on the train, you get off. You sit down, think about where you want to go next. Then you get on another one, and you get off. And another, and another, and another… and by the time you realize it, you are stuck in this whole cycle of a journey. You start to forget why you got on the first train in the first place. You started to lose track of where you are going. You start to question whether you were journeying towards the same destination as you first started. You start to question whether all this travelling is worth it.

When you start to have these question, you are finally awake.

You get off the train and survey the area. You ask yourself: “Where am I?” Is that question rhetorical or are you really trying to find an answer? Or do you dare to know the answer? You reach into your pocket for your wallet and realize that all this travelling left you with close to nothing. You are tired, you take a seat. Then you realize that the next train is about to depart. But you do not have the money to journey on. All your peers are on that train, the journey towards their destination, whatever that means.

You look into the window and see this kid who has the same expression on his face as you. The same sad, confused, and hopeless expression. His eyes are screaming, “help me…” You tried to reach out to grab his hand, so did he. You two are trying to save each other.

But it is too late, the train left.

Now you’re on the platform. Alone. As if you are waiting for some kind of miracle.

You look around. You are not alone. There is another kid, a few years older than you, crawled up into a ball, naked. You place your hand on him. Ice cold. His abdomen protruding in an abnormal way. He is still hungry.

He holds onto a corner of your shirt, like the bleeding woman who touched Jesus’ cloak, asking for some kind of miracle. He tears off the corner of your shirt and stuffed it into his mouth. He is satisfied for now. He let go of you and crawl back into the corner…

…so much effort just to stay alive.

You turn away and avoid understanding his circumstances and motivation, just to avoid drawing unnecessary parallels to your life.

You hear an announcement about the next train arriving in eight minutes. You make your first and only active choice in your entire life… Eight…

You hopped onto the train tracks, and… Seven…

…you started walking… Six…

walking forward… Five…

… towards the destination… Four…

the true destination… Three…

… the destination that everyone is trying to reach… Two…

… beyond human reach… One…



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