Hong Kong Tea Restaurant

This tea restaurant was my first and favorite tea restaurant in New York.


Restaurant Name: 茶餐廳 (Pronounced: Cha Chan Tang)

Location: 45 Mott St, New York, NY

Hours: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM

I have not been much of a breakfast person, but if you ask me whether I have a go-to breakfast place, I would be this one right here.

Cha Chan Tang is the typical Hong Kong styled tea restaurants that you would find in Hong Kong. From the interior design to the bar counter, this restaurant is highly authentic and reminds a lot of us Hongkongers of home. This feeling of homesickness is further amplified by the aura of welcomeness when you enter the room.

When you enter the restaurant, you would be greeted by the stares of the annoyed customers, as if you carelessly intruded their little tea party. But it is okay since the waiters will swiftly divert your attention to their similarly tired glances and direct you to your seat.

All jokes aside, this restaurant is very intricately designed. On the wall on the left are television panels adorned by window-like designs. Each of these panels is playing a Hong Kong street view, which mostly consists of booming traffic, busy pedestrians, and the same old flashing traffic lights (which are red and green in Hong Kong, instead of red and white). However, the restaurant owner decided to turn these panels off due to expensive electric bills. IMG_2566.jpg

One of the tables was designed in a more intricate manner. As shown in the above, the chandelier that hangs above the table is made from recycled glass bottles of a drink from Hong Kong (Vita soy, which is a soy milk drink).  Behind the table is a wall assembled by stacks of cups. I tried counting the number of cups that were used to make up the wall, but the ladies in the picture started staring at me, so I stopped. (I was lucky enough to even snap a picture… =_=) There is also a paragraph on the wall that illustrates the history of tea restaurants. But as you can see, a lot of the Chinese characters were rubbed off. If you are interested, the English translation is still there, so you could probably still read it. (might warn you of possible eyesore and neck pain)

This tea restaurant was my first and favorite tea restaurant in New York . I do highly recommend anyone who comes to Chinatown to try out this particular tea restaurant. And here is a picture of the food. 🙂 IMG_2565.jpg


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