Hi, this is Justin. Welcome to my blog! On this site, I will share my adventures in New York City with you~ I tend to let my stream of conscious guide me, which means sometimes my writing might take me to unforeseeable places. Other than that, I guess this should be a pretty tamed blog. Enjoy~

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Though my preferred name is Justin Law, my actual name is Law Shun Yin (羅信然). Law is my Family Name, and Shun is the name that was given by my family to the boys in my generation, and Yin basically means nature or after. I am born and raised in Hong Kong, which makes me 100% Asian. 🙂 I currently live in New Jersey with my mom and spend 1.5 hr on commuting to school. I’m current studying in New York University, which has always been my dream school. Please don’t ask me what my major is, that question pains me every time. Ok, enough about me, enjoy the blog ❤

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.